Preying in Iran: A Tapestry of Wounds

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From the pen of Eric Wentz comes another thriller etched in the burning sands of Central Asia. Preying in Iran, A Tapestry of Wounds delivers a thrilling and yet a disturbingly good read. Wentz reveals the dark underbelly of international sex trafficking across continents and the institutions that support the exploitation of children and women. The author’s work is populated with intrigue and details that demonstrate a man steeped not just in the history of war torn Central Asia, but also someone conversant in the blood money criminals that thrive as they prey upon those dislocated by war and the rumors of war. The plot is multi-faceted and as real as today’s headlines. Cultures as corrupt as they are current and as complex as the plots they hatch to enslave others – Wentz depicts them in ways that entertain, inform, and intimate the evil that undergirds the most nefarious of criminal practices. For those wishing to know the ugly truths of governments and the nexus between them and certain highly regarded international organizations, read this book and discover the ways and means by which good men and women fight to expose and ultimately to punish them.
Arthur M. Kunath M. D., LTC USAR (Ret.)


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Preying in Iran: A Tapestry of Wounds