Eric Wentz​​

Eric Wentz is the recipient of a variety of writing awards for his novels dealing with terrorism from Clive Cussler’s Adventures Writers Association, Reader’s Favorites, and the Military Writer’s Association of America. Two of his works are currently being scripted for possible release as film adaptation. Wentz has appeared on radio and television discussing issues related to the Cold War and the Global War on Terrorism. His remarks have also been broadcast on Radio Free Europe, WGN, and at various public and private venues. His twenty-seven year career as a United States Navy officer, reserves and active duty, have given him opportunities to present before both military and civilian audiences which have resulted in awards for his skilled analysis of military conflicts and subsequent threat analysis. For these endeavors and others he has received teaching awards from both the Departments of Commerce and Defense. Recognition of Wentz’ writing mastery have resulted in articles in such distinguished publications as the Chicago Tribune and USA Today, the latter referencing his Zero Two Hundred Hours as a work that would do for our understanding of the War on Terror what those of Tom Clancy did for our understanding of the Cold War. Additionally, Wentz has published a number of poems under different pen names.

Wentz’ teaching and writing skills manifest not only a lifetime honing of his skills resulting from his military background and subsequent world travels but also from his contributions as a volunteer for the Civil Air Patrol and the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Formerly, a finalist for the James Woolsey Award for best espionage writing, Wentz has successfully broached the divide among different genres as a result of extensive world travels with academic and military credentials that are still unfolding. The author possesses a BA in history and English literature from Cincinnati Xavier University, an MA from Ohio State University in English literature and Applied Linguistics, an MA in Educational Administration, an MS from American Military University in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice and a doctorate in Educational Administration from Northern Illinois University.

Wentz is also an avid outdoorsmen who has exploited his skills in SCUBA to plummet the depth of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean as well as the Atlantic. He has also canoed an array of rivers and lakes, most especially those of the Great Lakes and northern Canada, including those of the Arctic. Wentz credits his love of hunting, fishing and general love of outdoor activities to his father who was a marine and sailor who began his career in World War II and to his mother who was a professional ballet dancer. Their combination of athleticism, artistry in writing and a general hardiness in handling the difficulties of living on military facilities from North Island, San Diego, Camp Pendleton, and to Charleston, South Carolina have been the foundation of Wentz’ own life and endeavors.

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