My Autobiography by Joe Biden

"Funny, frivolous, absurdly insightful, and as fine a portrait of the American psyche in the world today. Read it and laugh, and then go weep." — Margaret D. Linney, author of Why Nations Fall.

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Zero Two Hundred Hours: A Fact-Based Military Thriller​

Saudi-trained Al-Qaeda launches an attack on Camp Delta, the terrorist prison facility at U.S. Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The assault mirrors not only the brutality and sophistication of the assault that killed his father but mimics the SEAL’s own tactics. Lieutenant Commander Grant Chisolm must outsmart the head of the fanatical movement, Shakir Amir.

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Preying in Iran: A Tapestry of Wounds

From the pen of Eric Wentz comes another thriller etched in the burning sands of Central Asia. Preying in Iran: A Tapestry of Wounds delivers a thrilling and yet disturbingly good read. Wentz reveals the dark underbelly of international sex trafficking across continents and the institutions that support the exploitation of children and women.

Kindle: $5.57
Paperback: $6.55

Killing Sharks: De Profundis

From the remote villages of Afghanistan to the depths of the ocean, Lieutenant Commander Grant Chisolm is on a mission to thwart jihadists. His latest assignment as liaison officer to Guantanamo once again brings him face-to-face with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and their hatred of the United States. Dive into the explosive world of terrorism and those fearless enough to fight it in Killing Sharks.

Paperback: $25.99

Piercing the Veil

In 1941, the precursors to the OSS and the CIA combined with the British SAS to produce an elite fighting force whose mission it was to carry out subversive activities against the fascist regimes of Europe, actions that continue to resonate in the world today. A warrior with the intellectual agility of a Delphic oracle, Lieutenant Commander Grant Chisolm leads his exceptionally highly trained and well-equipped team of SEALs into the heart of darkness.

Kindle: $6.99
Paperback: $11.98
Hardback: $20.95

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